Petals Around the Rose

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  1. Look at the dice, figure out how many petals you think are around the rose.
  2. Select Answer & Roll Again to find out the answer and be presented with another challenge.
  3. If you get five in a row, chances are you have figured it out.

The game itself is quite simple. Most completely over analyze the problem and attempt to make it harder than it actually is. If you can do first grade math, you have the necessary math skills. It then becomes a matter of finding the right frame of mind.


More Info

I became aware of this cute game in a slashdot thread. After about forty-five minutes of cursing and overanalyzing what was before me, the solution came. After that, I looked back on the various implementations of the game I used and searched for a few more. I realized I really didn't like any of them, so I wrote this one. While the dynamics of the game don't change, the UI is a tad different. Most other implementations were setup where you enter your answer into a textbox and then submit. I found this terribly annoying. Secondly, I wanted to see the dice after I submitted my answer, along with a new problem to compare it to. This interface fixes both the problems I had with others (and no doubt introduces a few more).

IE's crappy CSS support hinders the look of the page, or at least how I want it to look. The '>' operator, CSS based image scaling, or the combination of them both is broken in IE. I haven't bothered narrowing it down because frankly I am done dealing with IE's "undocumented features." If you want small dice on the previous problem use another browser. Use another browser anyway.

-John Urbanek -